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The Yike Bike is an electric bicycle invented by New Zealander Grant Ryan. It uses his "mini-farthing" layout, a compact version of the penny-farthing style of bicycle with handlebars situated below the rider. Released at the Eurobike Trade Fair in Germany on 2 September 2009, it has been stated the bike has the potential to become the most commonly owned transport device in the world.[1]

The smallest and lightest electric folding bicycle in the world [2], it weighs less than 10kg. Yike Bikes will be available in early to mid 2010.


Weight: 9.8 kg (21 lbs)
Frame: Carbon composite
Price: Between €3,500 and €3,900
Drive: Electric chainless
Brakes: Electric anti-skid, regen
Speed: 20 km/hr
Power: 1.2 kW, 30min re-charge
Battery: LiFePO4 - fast charge
Range: 10 km
Fold size: Super compact 43 litres
Seat: Leather super comfort
Height: 163 cm -193 cm limit
Wheel: 20” hubless
Weight: 100 kg limit
Lights: Built in LEDs[3]


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