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Westwood rim with rod brake

The Westwood rim style of cycle rim is used on bicycles with rod brakes,[1] usually the roadster cycles found in Britain up to the 1960s and still common in the South and East Asia and Africa. Westwood rims have rounded sides, so they are not suitable for use with caliper brakes.[1] The inside circumference of the rim has a slightly concave profile to aid with seating of the brake pads and they often have a raised ridge down the centre to prevent the blocks from interfering with the spoke nipples.[1]

Variations and sizes[]

Raleigh Bicycle Company developed a variation that combined the rod braking surfaces of Westwood rims with flat sides for caliper braking. It has been called "Raleigh Pattern" and "Westrick". They are notoriously strong, and there is also a Schwinn Bicycle Company copy of this design.[1]

Westwood rims are most commonly seen in sizes 28 x 1 1/2" (635 mm)[1], 26 X 1 3/8" (590 mm) and 20 X 2 1/2".

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