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Tacx are the leading brand of home trainers in the UK, their flagship virtual reality trainers Tacx i-Magic (iMagic), Tacx Fortius and Tacx Fortius Multiplayer give a PC based Virtual Reality experience. Cosmos and Flow are for those focusing on high quality training schedules, Satori, Swing, Sirius and Speedmatic are simpler trainers for fitness maintenance.

Steering Frame[]

Without the iMagic (i-Magic) to train on in the dark evenings, the wet and cold days and to push myself to higher levels, I would not be riding as competitively in my 'real' races. The iMagic, Fortius and Netathlon makes riding a turbo trainer very interesting and addictive, the virtual cycling community and competition also spurs you on to ride harder.

Braking System[]

Programmed so you actually experience rolling, air and slope resistance, the resistance offered at every position in the VR terrains is passed on to the brake, so you know immediately if you’re on the road, the course, or cycling over grass.

Steering Frame[]

A must have to experience the interactive gaming element to its fullest. Each movement is instantaneously visible onscreen. You can do an about-turn, cycle around other cyclists, or leave the course all together and go your own way.

Fitcentric Netathlon Software (NA2)[]

  • Netathlon BK2-001=Olympic Velodrome
  • Netathlon BK2-002=Atlanta 1996
  • Netathlon BK2-003=Lost in Arizona II
  • Netathlon BK2-004=Head of the Charles
  • Netathlon BK2-005=Alpine Trail
  • Netathlon BK2-006=Kailua Pier, Kona
  • Netathlon BK2-007=Small Town
  • Netathlon BK2-008=New England Country Ride
  • Netathlon BK2-009=Rider Derby
  • Netathlon BK2-010=Lunar Bike Mission II
  • Netathlon BK2-011=Empire City
  • Netathlon BK2-012=Lake San Antonio
  • Netathlon BK2-013=Green Acres
  • Netathlon BK2-014=Canyon Adventure II
  • Netathlon BK2-015=CycleOps Colorado Trail
  • Netathlon BK2-016=Eco Adventure Bike II
  • Netathlon BK2-017=Sydney 2K
  • Netathlon BK2-018=Fitness Test.

Other virtual cycling methods[]

Virtual cycling also comes in DVD form, using a first-person road perspective moving at the biker's pace. The DVD is usually projected onto a large screen in front of the riders and is suitable for individual or class use. They are often accompanied by music and live coaching tracks. Global Ride, makers of the industry's leading virtual cycling DVDs in terms of quality, utilize many audio tracks on their DVDs which the riders can choose from, or turn off completely.

This type of virtual cycling DVD training takes real outdoor cycling principles and puts them into the DVD, making them fantastic training methods for indoor or outdoor cyclists alike.