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Utility Cycling can be roughly defined as using a bicycle for a purpose rather than bicycling for the sake of it. This actually covers a broad range of cycling activities:

  • commuting
  • running errands
  • delivering goods and services


While almost all cycles now sold in consumer societies are intended to appeal to the buyer/rider in some way, the true "utility" bicycle is still made and sold in Holland as a pool vehicle for small businesses (or occasionally families). Colloquially known as a "Clunker" it is black with no gears and only a back-pedalling brake. It has a "ladies" frame layout and an uncommonly upright riding position. The only accessory of any kind is the ubiquitous "horseshoe" lock frame-mounted over the rear wheel - bicycle theft being a big problem in Holland (though the other characteristics of this cycle make it unattractive to thieves). With no cables of any kind, it is uniquely low maintenance.

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