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An upright bicycle is a bicycle on which the rider sits astride the saddle and stands on the pedals; this is the type most commonly seen. Contrasting with it is the recumbent bicycle, on which the rider reclines or lies supine. Some recumbent riders refer to the upright bicycle as the upwrong, in a midly disparaging assertion of supremacy of the recumbent style.

Upright or recumbent?[]

Upright bicycles have advantages over recumbent bicycles. They are easier to pedal uphill, because the rider can stand up on the pedals and use his or her body weight. They have a shorter wheelbase and so are quicker to turn corners. They are cheaper.

Recumbents have advantages over upright bicycles: they are more comfortable to ride; they are more aerodynamic and so more efficient.

Only upright bicycles are allowed to compete in events governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale. Other types of bicycle compete in events governed by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association.