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The Bike Cooperative is a cooperative of specialty bicycle retailers throughout the United States. The cooperative is represented in 35 states by over 200 member stores that are independently owned and operated.


Originally formed in 2003 as The Biking Solution, the organization’s core focus was to provide bicycle retailers with operational, advertising, and training programs and services to improve efficiencies, increase revenue, and maximize profitability.

In the fall of 2008, the organization expanded its business model and emerged as The Bike Cooperative[1]. In addition to the programs and services that had been offered through The Biking Solution, the cooperative’s members now received stock ownership, access to exclusive private label products, and earned rebates on products purchased through its supplier partners[2].

The Bike Cooperative is a division of CCA Global Partners, a cooperative incubator founded in 1984. Under the banner of CCA Global are affiliated cooperatives for the floor covering industry (eight in total including Carpet One and Flooring America), the mortgage bank industry (Lenders One), and the lighting industry (Lighting One). The Bike Cooperative and CCA Global Partners are based in Manchester, NH and St. Louis, MO.

Programs & Services[]

The Bike Cooperative leverages economies of scale to offer a range of programs and services that its members can select from, including credit card processing, consumer financing, extended warranty programs, sales and management training, customer loyalty programs, and insurance savings.


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