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A racing bicycle made by Cyfac using shaped aluminum and dual carbon fiber chain- and seat-stays. It uses Campagnolo components.

A road bicycle is a synonym for the term racing bicycle.[1] As such, road bicycles have drop handlebars and multiple gears, although there are single and fixed gear varieties. Road bikes also use narrow, high-pressure tires to decrease rolling resistance, and tend to be somewhat lighter than other types of bicycle.

It is also used less formally for any bicycle designed for use primarily on paved roads, as opposed to off-road terrain.

Other bicycles for road use[]

  • Touring bicycles are designed for bicycle touring: they are robust, comfortable and capable of carrying heavy loads.
  • Hybrid bicycles are designed for a variety of recreational and utility purposes. While primarily intended for use on pavement, they may also be used on relatively smooth unpaved paths or trails.
  • Utility bicycles are designed for utility cycling: are a traditional bicycle for commuting, shopping and running errands in towns and cities.
  • Roadster (bicycle) a specific form of the Utility bicycle developed in the UK.
  • Recumbent bicycles are designed for variety of recreational and utility purposes, but are characterised by the unusual riding position in which the cyclist is seated in a reclined position.


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