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A riding school bus is a group of schoolchildren supervised by one or more adults, riding pedal cycles along a set route, picking kids up at "bus stops" along the way until they all arrive at school. Riding school buses are similar to walking bus programs. Like a traditional bus, riding school buses (also known as RSBs) have a fixed route with designated "bus stops" and "pick up times" in which they pick up children. Ideally the riding school bus will include at least 1 adult ‘driver’, who leads the group, and an adult ‘conductor' who supervises from the end of the group.

Riding school bus programs have been developed in a number of local councils in Victoria, Australia, including City of Moreland[1] and Shire of East Gippsland[2]

Riding school bus programs deliver a number of benefits[3]:

  • Improvement in child fitness and health
  • Environmental benefits - reduction in car trips and associated air pollution
  • Development of traffic skills and confidence in children
  • Socialization and increased community engagement for children
  • Reduction of traffic congestion around schools

Riding school buses are also known as pedal pods[4] or Cycling School Buses

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