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Template:Mergeto The Raleigh Burner is a BMX bicycle first launched in early 1982 by the Raleigh Bicycle Company, it was a replacement of the Grifter. The name continued to 1988 and was brought back in early 2000s. The original team Burners, and Super Tuff Burners are now the most saught after and rare out of the Raleigh BMX range.

David Beckham is rumoured to have a Super Tuff Burner on his wall at one of his many homes.


The Raleigh Burner range was split into Six different frames:

  • Mk1 Burner
  • MK1 Pro Burner
  • Mk2 Burner
  • MK2 Aero Pro Burner
  • Team Frame (only six made)
  • Styler

Mk1 Burner[]

This can easily be identified by the loop tail frame and gusset with two holes in it. Mk1 burners also had v-bars and on early burners Vinyl Pads

In 2007 there was a relaunch of the limited edition super tuff burner with mags only. 500 were made and they each cost £250.