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In bicycle racing, bicycles are used in a competitive way, most often in trials of speed.

Racing is popular all over the world, especially in Europe. The most competitive and devoted countries are generally thought to be Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland, although the United States also have a high international standing as well as the Australian cyclists: Michael Rogers (the world road time trial champion, 03, 04 & 05) and Robbie McEwen 2004 Green jersey (Sprinters Jersey) winner of the Tour de France, as well as the many countries all over the world doing well in other certain disciplines.

It can be done on roads or offroad.

Bicycle racing includes road cycling, BMX racing, cyclo-cross, track cycling, mountain biking and cycle speedway.

Bike trials is a sport not involving speed, where riders navigate natural and man-made obstacles without putting down their foot, or "dabbing". It is similar to motorcycle trials. Points are awarded for bike handling skills, and as such there is much overlap with BMX racing.