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Template:Orphan Template:Primarysources Template:Notability The Python Lowracer is a bicycle project originally created by Jürgen Mages. The project is disseminated in an open source fashion through a web page ( a mailing list ( and recently, a wiki (

Those resources include a list of individuals around the world that have created their own versions of the Python Lowracer. Many of those individuals have web pages describing their versions of the project (links available through the Python webpage).

The bicycle has many variations but there are some key features:

  • Low seating position - user is seated at around the wheel axle height,
  • Recumbent seating position - user's legs are forward and back is facing down,
  • Center steering - the steering axle is behind the front wheel and below the rider,
  • Negative trail - see Bicycle_and_motorcycle_dynamics, basically the wheel/steering axle relationship is opposite to that in a "standard" bicycle.
  • Simplicity - linear frame joins the two wheels, drive train is very short, steering is performed by body motion

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