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A PowerTap power meter hub

These nifty devices measure in watts how much force you apply to the pedals while you are riding. This removes the variance to speed caused by wind, hills, etc.. Among other benefits, watts provide an objective measure by which you can compare your ability to other riders.

Getting Started[]

  1. Buy a power meter
  2. Read this.
  3. Test your self
  4. Train your engine

Further Reading[]

Power Meters & Software[]

Product Description
SRM Power Meter
[ Polar Power Meter]
[ Saris/Cycle-Ops PowerTap]
Cycling Peaks Software
Power Profiling xls It is simply human nature to wonder how one compares with others for any measurement, and cycling power output is certainly no exception to this rule. Use this free spreadsheet to see how you compare.

External Links[]

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