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Tourists in New York City on a Party Bike

Party Bike offered rides on pedal-powered vehicles that can hold up to seven people. The vehicle is technically a quadracycle rather than a bicycle as it has four wheels, not two. Party Bikes operated in Times Square in New York City and elsewhere in 2006. Many tourists took a short ride through Midtown Manhattan on party bikes. A tour guide was generally responsible for steering the vehicle.


The Conference Bike, designed by Velo.Saliko in Germany after an idea of Eric Staller, has seven seats which all face inward and surround a metal circle. Each seat has its own pair of pedals. People pedal together while hanging onto the metal circle in the middle to hold themselves steady. It weighs about 400 lbs (nearly 200 kg). One of the seats (the one facing forward) has foot and hand brakes to stop the machine if necessary, and a steering wheel to steer the widely spaced front wheels. This seat is occupied by the pilot in charge of the bike. Donald Domite started the Partybike company in April 2004, in Central Park, NYC. A beginning list of NYC Partybike Captains includes Pat Russell.

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