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The Netherlands are a great country for cycling. There are bike paths everywhere, well-signposted in blue and white specifically for cyclists. Traffic-lights are phased to allow cyclists across junctions.

Outside (and often within) towns, these cycle-paths will normally be separated from the main thoroughfare. In the suburbs of town this may be a narrow section of pavement, on the open road it will probably be a few yards of grass verge. Sometimes the cycle-path will take a slightly different route (eg through woods). Cycling is thus practical and pleasant even along fast main roads.

Most of the Netherlands has almost no hills, the only steep upgrades of any kind being at dykes - sea, canal and river.

The Netherlands is well-supplied with tourist offices (look for the VVV signs) and accomodation, some of it being specifically for youth. A few organisations take cycle tours, with either a van following along for luggage, or as a cruise along the rivers/canals.