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Bicycle parts

This is a list of bicycle parts.

  • Axle
  • Ball bearing
  • Bar ends - extensions at the end of straight handlebars to allow for multiple hand positions.
  • Bar plugs aka end caps, Handlebar plug - plugs for the ends of handlebars.
  • Belt-drive - alternate to chain-drive
  • Basket - cargo carrier
  • Bottle cage - a holder for a water bottle
  • Bottom bracket - The bearing system that the pedals (and cranks) rotate around. Contains a spindle to which the crankset is attached and the bearings themselves. There is a bearing surface on the spindle, and ones one the cups that thread into the frame. The bottom bracket may come be overhaulable (an adjustable bottom bracket) or not (a cartridge bottom bracket). The bottom bracket fits inside the bottom bracket shell, which is part of the bicycle frame.
  • Brake - Bicycle brakes are used to stop the bicycle. Rim brakes and disc brakes are operated by brake levers, which are mounted on the handlebars. Coaster brakes are operated by pedaling backward.
  • Braze-on
  • Cable guide - A fitting below the bottom bracket which guides a piece of bare inner bowden cable around a corner.
  • Cable
  • Cartridge bearing - A type of bearing that is not user-serviceable, but must be replaced as a unit.
  • Cassette - one of the types of gears on the rear wheel of a bicycle with a rear derailleur.
  • Chain - A system of interlinking pins, plates and rollers that transmits power from the front cranks to the rear wheel.
  • Chainring - (one of the) front gear(s), attached to a crank arm.
  • Chainstay - pair of tubes on a bicycle frame that runs from the bottom bracket to the rear dropouts
  • Cogset - the set of rear sprockets that attaches to the hub on the rear wheel.
  • Cone - holds bearings in place, pressed against the cup
  • Crankset - composed of crankarms and chainrings
  • Cotter - pin for attaching cottered crank arms
  • Coupler - to connect tubing together
  • Cup - receives ball bearings which roll along its inner surface; integrated on most conventional hubs or can be pressed into older bottom bracket shells. See also: Cone
  • Cyclocomputer
  • Derailleur hanger - a piece on the rear dropout that the derailleur attaches to.
  • Derailleur
  • Down tube - tube on a bicycle frame that runs from the head tube to the bottom bracket.
  • Dropout (bicycle part) - paired slots on a fork or frame at which the axle of the wheel is attached
  • Dustcap
  • Dynamo - bicycle lighting component, aka generator.
  • Eyelet 1. attachment point on frame, fork, or dropout for fenders, racks, etc.
2. a hole through which a spoke nipple passes through the rim so it may attach to a spoke


  • International Standard ISO 8090: Cycles — Terminology(same as: British Standard BS 6102-4).

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