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A flat bar road bike is a relatively new style of bicycle. They are a split between a hybrid and a road bike[citation needed].

These bikes feature ultra-light frames, thinner road style wheels and gears, however also comfort seats and flat handle bars.

This style was first developed in the 1980s by a few riders in Florida. It can also be called a fitness bike. Serious fitness bikes like the Trek FX 7.9 and GIANT FCR Series serves as an example of how far the idea has come. Other makers have developed a few other choices but seem to lack the willingness to move up market in price and materials with top quality fitness bikes.

The flat-bar system on a flat-bar bike provides the rider a less forward position compared to drop handlebars. This allows the rider to avoid bending forward to such an extent as drop handlebars, possibly fostering a more comfortable ride for those who prefer to be in a more upright position. A flat bar denies the rider the use of the drop handle bars when climbing which may or may not be beneficial to cyclists who want to focus on high cadence, chest-open climbing techniques. The detriment of the flat bar is the elimination of most hand positions (and accompanying body positions) drop bars provide.