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Falcon Cycles is an English bicycle manufacturer based in Brigg, North Lincolnshire. The company can trace its history back over 125 years.

In addition to producing bikes under its own name, Falcon produces bicycles under several brand names including Falcon, British Eagle, Coventry Eagle, Townsend, Optima, Boss, Shogun, CBR and the flagship brand, Claud Butler.


The company began in 1880 when Fred Hopper established a cycle repair business in Barton-on-Humber in a former blacksmith's shop. Fred moved from bicycle repairs to manufacture and the business grew. By 1906 F. Hopper & Co. was employing over 400 people, and the company expanded into exporting by 1912 export markets included, Australia, South Africa, India, and Japan. Shortly afterwards the company acquired the Elswick Cycle Company located near Newcastle upon Tyne, and in 1913 its name was changed to "Elswick Hopper Cycle and Motor Company". Then in 1974 Elswick Hopper purchased Wearwell Cycles, a company established prior to the Bicycle Yearbook of 1872, in which they are listed. In 1978 the Falcon Cycle Company was also acquired, and it was operated as a subsidiary company for a period.

Elswick-Hopper Cycles and Falcon Cycles merged in 1982 to become Elswick-Falcon Cycles, prior to the present form of Falcon Cycles limited. Falcon can now trace its heritage back to four of the eldest established cycle manufacturers in Britain "Coventry Eagle Cycles", "Elswick Cycles", "F. Hopper & Co.", and the "Wearwell Cycle Company".

The company was acquired by Tandem Group plc in November 1995, with current annual sales in excess of 300,000 bicycles.

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