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In the United Kingdom, the Department for Transport (or DfT) (Template:Lang-cy) is the government department responsible for the English transport network and transport matters in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (DRD and DOE) which are not devolved. The department is run by the Secretary of State for Transport, currently Philip Hammond.


Government control of transport and diverse associated matters has been reorganised a number of times in modern history[1], particularly under the current government, being the responsibility of:

  • 2002– Department for Transport
  • 2001–2002: Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions
  • 1997–2001: Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions
  • 1981–1997: Department of Transport
  • 1979–1981: Ministry of Transport
  • 1976–1979: Department of Transport
  • 1970–1976: Department for the Environment
  • 1959–1970: Ministry of Transport
  • 1953–1959: Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation
  • 1945–1953: Ministry of Transport
  • 1941–1945: Ministry of War Transport - after absorption of Ministry of Shipping
  • 1919–1941: Ministry of Transport

The name "Ministry of Transport" lives on in the annual MOT test, which most vehicles used on public roads in the UK are required to pass once they are three years old (4 years in NI).

Current ministers[]

From 11 May 2010:

  • Secretary of State for Transport - Philip Hammond MP (Conservative)
    • Minister of State for Transport - Theresa Villiers MP (Conservative)
      • Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Roads and Highways - Mike Penning MP (Conservative)
      • Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Regional and Local Transport - Norman Baker MP (Liberal Democrat)

The DfT's Permanent Secretary is Robert Devereux (previously a DfT Director-General) who succeeded Sir David Rowlands, following his retirement on 31 May 2007. Rowlands had succeeded Rachel Lomax in 2003, when she became Deputy Governor of the Bank Of England.

Executive agencies[]

  • Driving Standards Agency (DSA)
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
  • Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)
  • Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)
  • Highways Agency (HA)
  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)
  • Government Car and Despatch Agency (GCDA)

Non-departmental public bodies[]

The DfT sponsors the following public bodies:

  • British Transport Police Authority
  • Passenger Focus
  • Northern Lighthouse Board
  • Renewable Fuels Agency
  • Trinity House Lighthouse Service

See also[]

  • United Kingdom budget
  • Transport Direct
  • Urban Traffic Management and Control
  • Transport Research Laboratory (formerly known as the Road Research Laboratory, then the Transport and Road Research Laboratory); now a privatised company


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