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Cyclecraft (ISBN 978-0-11-703740-3) is a British cycling skills manual written by John Franklin and published by the Stationery Office (formerly Her Majesty's Stationery Office). It is the foundation of Bikeability, the UK's national standard for cycle training.

The book was first published by Unwin Books in 1988, the first Stationery Office edition was in 1997 and a revised edition was published in 2007. In this edition the scope of the book was extended from its original remit — skilled cycling techniques for adults — to cover cyclists of all ages.

According to The Independent, it “offers a comprehensive discussion of the techniques of cycling — basic techniques, like how to steer and use your gears properly, along with the more elusive skills of positioning yourself in traffic, and anticipating aggressive or inattentive motorists.”[1]

North American edition[]

Franklin has authored a North American edition of cyclecraft (ISBN 9780117064768), published in June 2009. This edition deals with US and Canadian laws and cycling on the right side of the road. This edition has been endorsed by the League of American Bicyclists and the Canadian Cycling Association.[2]


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