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Bicycle advocacy is a term used for the activitis carried out to improve access for cyclists, increase their numbers, fight for their rights, and not least inform about the multiple positive effects for society that utility cycling brings. The term is more generally used for advocating utility cycling and touring, than for competitive sports cycling, but the elements of fitness and health are integral parts of bicycle advocacy.

Bicycle advocacy is carried out by advocacy organisations, some of which belong to or are associated with umbrella organisations, such as the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF). But increasingly bicycle advocacy is also carried out by official entities like cities, regions and countries, as well as multinational bodies. One large international organisation that has provided many arguments for cycling for transport is the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Community bicycle projects[]

Commercial, but very affordable city bike rentals/subscription schemes[]

These services are often co-financed by commercials on bikes and bike-stations.

  • Paris : A new project starting 1. June 2007 [[1]]
  • Oslo : Around 50 bikestations as of 2007. A years subscription costs 70 NOK

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