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Bamboo bicycles are bicycles that use a frame made out of bamboo. Bamboo bikes are notable because of the money they save, as bamboo is a renewable resource.[1]


The Bamboo bicycle was first showcased on April 26 in 1864.[2] Calfee bikes is the company that mass manufactures them now.[3]

Technical Aspects[]

Bamboo has been made into fixed gear bikes, Road bikes, trail and racing bikes.


Bamboo Is first harvested and then the process of making the frame is in motion. The company then smokes it and heat-treats the bamboo to prevent from splitting.The brake lugs are made of hemp fiber. Then they coat it in a satin polyurethane layer to seal it up.


Some of the features desingned in mind when this bike was made were vibration damping, crash tolerence, and the natural look of the bike.


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