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Template:Orphan BaltiCCycle is a project to promote cycling in the Baltic States. It was founded as a partnership of the Lithuanian Cyclists' Community, the Latvian Veloinformacijas Centrs, the Vänta Aga (Estonian Cycle Club), and the city municipalities of Klaipėda (Lithuania) and Kaliningrad (Russia) as a project of the Phare programme of European Union in 1999.

The core partners are constantly changing depending on the projects. Other partners have been: Ecological Community "Atgaja" (Kaunas, Lithuania); EuroRegio Šešupė (Lithuania), Travellers' Association CROTOS (Poland).

It covers a wide range of activities starting with non commercial promotion cycle tours (BaltiCCycle Tours), maps and cycle descriptions (BaltiCCycle Publications) usually result of BaltiCCycle projects.

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