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Audax is a Latin adjective meaning "bold, daring" and may be used to refer to:


  • Audax (cycling), long distance endurance bicycle rides
  • Audax Australia, an organisation that runs long distance randonnee] cycling events in Australia and New Zealand
  • Audax Club Sportivo Italiano, a Chilean football club based in the city of Santiago


  • Audax was a British warplane, made by Hawker.
  • Rootes Audax, a family of cars from the Rootes Group including the Hillman Minx, Hillman Husky, Singer Gazelle and Sunbeam Rapier.


  • Audax, Ditalcus and Minurus, was one of the assassins of the Lusitanian leader Viriathus during the Roman Conquest of Hispania
  • St. Audax is a 3rd century saint who was martyred with Victoria and Anatolia.
  • Audax was also an archbishop of Tarragona (Spain) in ca. 633, who assisted to the Fourth Council of Toledo.
  • Audax Minor (1887-1979), racing columnist for The New Yorker


  • Audax Group is a middle-market private equity firm, with offices in Boston and New York.
  • Audax Ideas is a business advisory and investment services firm, with offices in Johannesburg, South Africa.